Community volunteers in schools

Throughout my tour, I heard about the need for more support for students. Teachers in DCPS schools commonly teach students within the same class that vary by as many as four grade levels in their mastery of key skills and concepts. For older grades, the span is even greater. Our students need more individualized attention than the teacher can give, and DCPS does not have the budget to pay for this. At the same time, both during the campaign and over the course of the past 100 days, I met countless community members who said that they wanted to meaningfully help their neighborhood school.

We can help students get the individualized attention they need by training and pairing volunteers to help students. Together with school leaders, we are exploring new opportunities at various schools to match volunteers with students who could benefit from your help. If you are interested in volunteering to strengthen our schools, please sign up here and select "other." Feel free to add comments with your ideas!

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